Bostonians brave the heat and humidity

Bostonians are feeling the sunshine on the second day of the city’s heat emergency.

“It is extremely hot, like super super hot,” said Brett Doelle, who’s staying at Fisher College.

Although Thursday was Boston’s hottest August 4 in 94 years, the workday could not stop for Boston’s working class.

“We work in this quite a bit so we get used to it,” said Joe Corr, who works on street lights. “You gotta do it, you gotta pay the bills.”

Those who are outside exercising said they’re listening to their bodies in this heat emergency.

“I’ll definitely have to hydrate way more. Also, try not to come out in the middle of the day for actual runs,” Emily Jesher told 7NEWS. “It comes with the New England territory. You just know the summers are going to be a bit brutal.”

Health officials said dizziness, nauseous and headaches can all be signs of dehydration and heat stroke.

“Pay attention to your body,” urged Dr. Lauren Rice, an emergency room physician at Tufts Medical Center. “If you’re starting to feel unwell at all, give yourself a break, get yourself some water.”

The old and very young are especially vulnerable when the heat index tops 100, said Dr. Rice.

“Whenever we have a heat wave like this we always have an uptick in seeing patients because of this. Oftentimes it’s folks that don’t have access to air conditioning,” Dr. Rice said.